Re: [css3-text] Proposal to add "text-decoration-skip: decoration-boundary"

2010/12/3 KangHao Lu (Kenny) <>:
> If we go for spaces, I still think the way I mentioned in my original mail
> is the best approach:
> p { letter-spacing: 1px }
> <p><u>A</u><u>B</u>
> This will (future tense, the browser currently doesn't implement this
> behavior but it's now speced in CSS3 Text. See test case[1]) satisfy the
> requirement that I don't want to make the space between A and B look
> abnormal. But I think this is a hack.
> [1]

I think a problem with this approach is that the 1px letter spacing
will also be applied to English, and probably other scripts. If we
have a mixed Chinese-Arabic page (not inconceivable in some parts of
China, or right here in Toronto, Canada) I don't know what will happen
to the Arabic.

But if even this will only be in the future I agree that it's better
to have special provisions for underlines. Part of the problem is
probably because underlines are called "decoration".


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