Re: [css3-images] Gradients feedback

Alan Gresley wrote:
>> The grayish band in the middle of the gradient is roughly the same as 
>> the midway point between yellow and white / black in the 
>> 3d-color-prism. It would actually be half the value in intensity.

In other words, the midway point of this gradient,

<div style="background:-moz-linear-gradient(left, yellow, 

is the same as this opaque color.

<div style="background:#808000;opacity:0.5;"></div>

I believe Boris is correct in the mathematics. Tab, regarding your 
thoughts on bugzilla [1].

   | Let me know if the term "sRGBA space" is nonsensical, and
   | I'll split out the color and opacity language explicitly

If I am somewhat correct in terminology and vectors, what we have in 
the gradient [2] is vector running from yellow to a midway point of 
the vector between white and black in sRGA space [3] [4] that reduces 
in opacity from 1 to 0, and I think operating like a scaler field.

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