Re: [css3-fonts] Behdad's Feedback on CSS Fonts Module Level 3 Editor's Draft 5 April 2010

On Thursday, August 19, 2010, 8:08:16 PM, Behdad wrote:

BE> On 08/17/10 05:12, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>> In that case, I suggest we should have a new property called "font-extend" that would take a scaling factor to be applied to the glyphs and metrics in the x-direction (or rather, along the direction of text layout, so for vertical text it would apply in the y-direction). A font-extend value of less than 1.0 would actually compress the glyphs, of course. And negative values ought to reflect the glyphs and reverse the text direction, so that <span style="font-extend: -1.0">mirror writing</span> becomes easy to express.

BE> Watch out!  Mirroring text that way has bidi implications.  Mirror an RTL span
BE> and it should be processed as LTR during bidi now. 

Well, no. It would look like rtl text in a mirror. With the glyphs backwards, and everything.

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