Re: [CSS21] Clearance error - hypothetical border edge should be actual border edge (Was: Re: [css2.1] Issue 158 and Issue 178 Resolution)

On 15/08/2010 19:18, Brad Kemper wrote:
> On Aug 15, 2010, at 1:16 AM, Anton Prowse wrote:
>> Secondly, we note the "hypothetical top border edge position" described
>> in the first paragraph is merely the position of a hypothetical non-zero
>> top border.  It's hypothetical in the sense that the clearing element
>> may not actually have a non-zero top border; it's the position where
>> such a border would be if it had one.  Of course, if it really does have
>> one, then the hypothetical edge is the real edge, and the position of
>> the two is the same.
> Can't you skip this part and just refer to the "top edge of the
> border-box"? The border-box is well defined, with or without an actual
> non-zero border.

That's precisely my point, yes.  Having performed the necessary analysis
to prove that the current spec is doing no more or less than describing
the normal, expected clearance mechanism but mistakenly using the wrong
notion of top border edge, we conclude:

>> So, to fix the problem, remove all reference to "hypothetical".  We need
>> to be talking about the real top border edge position in 9.5.2, as
>> determined by the margin collapsing rules in 8.3.1.

Anton Prowse

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