Re: [css3-fonts] Behdad's Feedback on CSS Fonts Module Level 3 Editor's Draft 5 April 2010

Thomas Phinney wrote:

> Synthesized stuff (or transformations) are not the same as designed
> condensed or extended fonts. I would ask two things:
> - that you do not *encourage* agents to synthesize font-stretch
> ("allow" is okay I guess, though you should understand the results
> will always be crap)
> - that for any agent that does do synthetic stretch, it is OFF by
> default and turned on by some additional flag or option.

I agree, I think any stretchy/squishy text effects should be in done via
properties separate from the font selection process, properties clearly
defined with testable behavior.  Selecting a font should be different
from applying an effect.

With CSS Transforms authors can already achieve these effects in some
situations although maybe not in the most flexible way.

John Daggett

Received on Sunday, 15 August 2010 14:49:59 UTC