[CSS 2.1] Editorial change ("subsequent" -> "following") wrt margin collapsing and clearance in section 8.3.1

Hello all,

When an element's own margins collapse, and that element has had clearance
applied to it, its top margin collapses with the adjoining margins of
subsequent siblings but that resulting margin does not collapse with the
bottom margin of the parent block.

Proposed modification:

Reasons why:
1- at least 3 people (Bruno Fassino, Arron Eicholz and me) were confused
or hesitant or not sure about the meaning of subsequent. This may be/could
have been related more to the intrinsec difficulty of that part of the
spec than to the choice of adjective.
2- "following sibling" is defined in section 3.1
as "Element B is a following sibling if it comes after A in the document
while subsequent sibling is not defined in section 3.1

regards, Gérard Talbot
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Received on Wednesday, 11 August 2010 18:47:10 UTC