Implementation Report Template for CSS2.1 Test Suite

Arron and I have come up with the following report template for
the CSS2.1 test suite. It is a tab-separated data file where
hash marks delimit the start of a comment until the end of that

The advantage of this format is that it is
   a) Very simple
   b) Easy to generate from any system (database, spreadsheet, text editor)
   c) Easy to import into any system, including the CSS2.1 build system

I will have the build system generate these with blank results
when I build Beta 3. If someone needs one sooner, let me know.


   The first line is a comment with the UA name, version, and OS.
   The second line is a comment with the UA string, if one exists
   The third line is a comment with the suite's base URL
   The fourth line is a literal "testname\tresult"
   The rest of the lines give the test's local path and the result.
   Blank lines and other comments are ignored.

   The result is one of the following (case-sensitive):
     pass     # test passes
     invalid  # test is invalid; report error to public-css-testsuite
     ?        # can't tell, don't know


# UA version OS version
# UA string (if applicable)
testname	result
html1/at-charset-001.htm	?
xhtml1/at-charset-001.xht	?
other/background-color-007.html	?


Received on Tuesday, 10 August 2010 07:09:05 UTC