Re: [CSS21] Distinguishing block boxes, block containers, and block-level elements

On 08/01/2010 02:12 PM, Anton Prowse wrote:
> Is there such a thing as a block-level box which is not a block
> container box? By analogy with principal block-level boxes, I presume
> that the anonymous box of a table might be one example, and  assuming
> that a principal block-level box is a block-level box  the principal
> block-level box of a replaced element is another. Are there any other
> exceptions?

Yes. The table box is the primary example in CSS2.1, but as CSS3 adds
more layout models, we will see more block-level boxes that are not
themselves block container boxes (although they almost certainly contain
descendant boxes that are block container boxes). Multicolumn boxes,
for example, are block-level boxes that are not block container boxes:
they contain column boxes, not block or inline formatting contexts.


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