Re: Question about inline layout and margins

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> On 8/9/10 8:48 AM, Anton Prowse wrote:
>>>> As for use cases, I guess if someone's gone to the trouble of trying
>>>> to get the second span
>>>> to completely overlap the first, it's because that overlap is important
>>>> to them, and should be preserved even when the first span overflows its
>>>> containing block.
>>> I can't tell whether your indexing is off here, or your numbers, but
>>> as stated the sentence above makes no sense.
>> I don't /think/ so, but perhaps I'm overlooking something or I'm
>> misunderstanding you. If all three inline-level boxes were to be placed
>> on the same line, the right margin edge of the inline box would be flush
>> with the right margin edge of the first span (and flush with the right
>> edge of the line box), right?
> Yes...
>> So the inline block completely overlaps the first span.
> Yes, so the _third_ span overlaps the first?  In other words, your 
> indexing was off.  OK.

*Ahh*, yes, thanks.  I think I'd already wondered off into putting
negative left margin on the inline block (which seems to be the
more representative use case).

Sorry for the confusion.

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