Re: Question about inline layout and margins

On 8/6/10 6:57 PM, fantasai wrote:
> My interpretation would be to have an empty first line, and to put the
> inline block on the second line, with Text shifted 10px to the left
> of the green line. The first line should have height: it contains an
> inline element with a non-zero margin. Alternatively, put all content
> on one line, if the UA isn't considering a line break opportunity
> between the spans. So Opera and Konqueror seem to have correct behavior.

Including on the second testcase?  It's not clear to me how Opera's 
behavior on the second testcase makes sense at all...

My issue here, by the way, is figuring out what the "right" behavior is 
and then whether it's web-compatible...  The webkit quirk stuff does not 
imbue me with hope.


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