Re: [CSS21] 10.6.1, 10.6.3 and 10.6.7 - editorial issues

On 08/01/2010 09:44 PM, Peter Moulder wrote:
> I would have no objection to adding text such as the above to 10.6.7, but
> I'm also content with the existing approach of "certain cases (see ...)"
> if instead the following changes were made [assuming I'm correct about
> when the rules of section 10.6.7 do apply]:
>    - Change "(see the preceding sections)" to "(see sections<a
>      href="#abs-non-replaced-height">10.6.4</a>  and<a
>      href="#block-root-margin">10.6.6</a>  above)".
>    - Change the references to 10.6.7 in sections 10.6.4&  10.6.6
>      to mention "the rules of section&nbsp;10.6.7".  This is partly to
>      facilitate searches, but also to address the problem that the
>      existing wording introduces uncertainty as to whether "based on the
>      content/descendents" always means specifically by the rules of 10.6.7
>      or whether the hyperlink is there just because those rules are
>      one possible way.  (Maybe this seems like a minor problem,
>      but it's cheap to fix.)

Assumed editorial.

Changed "(see the preceding sections)" to "(see e.g. sections 10.6.4 and 10.6.6)"
since it is probably not an exhaustive list.

Added "per 10.6.7" to incoming links to #root-height.


Received on Monday, 2 August 2010 22:52:25 UTC