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Selectors, Selected Nodes as an Event

From: Marcio Galli <mgalli@taboca.com>
Date: Mon, 28 Sep 2009 18:51:12 -0300
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Hi all,

I am working on a paper - my first paper with a colleague from Brazil. We
should submit this to the upcoming W3C Conference in Brazil - the very first
W3C conf here. We are trying to describe a system that uses Mozilla Gecko
infra-structure ( for now ) to render an experience that is a mix between an
RSS reader and a social browser. The use cases are for kiosks - we want to
have a model that facilitates a developer to plug RSS sources with Web
Widgets and use an event model that is based on selectors, so that the
selected items can form an event of contextualization that applies to the
group of elements selected and associates them with consumers ( read widgets
now, or filtering systems ). This model a contextualization of a selection
of nodes would become an event. As an example I would be able to send nodes
to a pizza graph generator.

Here would be a selection example:

..items_from_my_feed [someattr="somerestriction" ] {
   -create-selector-context: call_graph;

The -create-selector-context would not be an attribute that only part of the
elements in the selection range, but would also form a group with a
handle-key so that I would be able to quickly retrieve these elements.

So I am asking help. I know I may am not being formal here, and in fact I am
not expert in the Selectors and related specs, but I am wondering if you
guys have works that relates to this sort of behavior - or other means to do
it. Something which says that I could use Selectors to create an event that
[a] some attribute/value applies to the nodes of selection, and [b] the
whole relationtionship between the selected items can be stored as an event,
that has a key whicl holds the references to the Selector and the Nodes for
the given Selection.

If there is work in this area I wanted to use it to describe a model where a
collection of feed itens can be contextualized as an event so it feeds
certain widgets.  I am also looking Selectors API which I think could be
used as part of the application to do this behavior. So other question is
that I should just create a sort of multiple passes model that uses
Selectors API then creating events of contextualization...


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