Re: [CSS21] Another ambiguity in the definition of "containing block"

On 9/27/09 4:45 PM, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> Even if it used the anonymous box (which includes "Text" and "More
> text"), the float should have been half the height of that box

No, it should have had a computed height of 50% of the computed height 
of that box.  The computed height of the anonymous box is auto, and 
percentages of auto compute to auto.

> In any case, imo the interpretation "the box generated by the nearest
> block-level ancestor element" is the correct one

There are multiple boxes generated here, so "the box" is nonsensical.

> the anonymous one is generated by its content.

I believe in CSS each box is generated by a specific element.  But I 
could be wrong; Bert's pointed out cases where I was wrong about box 
generation before.  I wish it were defined somewhere outside Bert's 
brain.  ;)

>> I still think that all of 10.1 is ambiguous in any but the most trivial
>> cases that fall under item 2; this is just another example....
> Well, replacing "ancestor" with "ancestor's" may solve it, I think.

Not really, no.


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