Re: [css3-2d-transforms] 2D Transforms feedback

Hi Sylvain,

Answering parts of your feedback here.

On 01/10/2009, at 6:43 AM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:

> 3. What are common use-cases for the Point interface and Window  
> object extensions defined in section 7 ? Is this the way one would  
> converts mouse event coordinates into a transformed node's  
> coordinate space for instance ?

Correct. As Řyvind notes elsewhere, these methods are a little weird.  
They probably should be in CSSOM View.

> 4. Also regarding section 7, interested in answers to  Řyvind  
> Stenhaug's earlier question here:

I'll answer that one directly, but the summary would be that yes, we  
know they are deprecated. But there hasn't been any proposal for a  
replacement - the CSS OM specification seems stalled. Do you have any  

> 5. Valid input ranges for transform functions should be specified  
> e.g. can scale parameters be negative ?

Good point. Negative values should be allowed for scale.

> Safari 4 seems to ignore the sign if the input is negative.

This sounds like a bug. I know it works in some cases though, since  
I've used it in public examples.


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