Re: font features in CSS

Martin J. Dürst wrote:
> Hello Steve, others,
> On 2009/10/29 13:27, Stephen Zilles wrote:
>> So, one approach would be to make the "=number" part optional. If 
>> omitted, the feature would simply be toggled. Why "toggled" you ask. 
>> Because it makes sense for some of the features to be, by default, 
>> enabled. And, it is also necessary to be able to turn off a feature. 
>> If an author were in doubt about the state of a feature (whether 
>> enabled or disabled), then the author could always use the "=number" 
>> form of the setting to set it to an explicit state.
> I'm afraid that toggled would lead to tons of confusion when used with 
> CSS cascading features. I don't know of any CSS features that are 
> toggled, for good reasons I think.

Right. We don't have toggles. We do have presence=ON, absence=OFF for
many things. However, it seems we're dealing with a tri-state here,
not a boolean: ON, OFF, and DEFAULT.


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