Re: [selectors] pseudo-element, component of section of simple selectors, simple selector

fantasai On 09-10-22 19.43:

> Leif Halvard Silli wrote:
>> Daniel Glazman On 09-10-22 17.15:
>>> Yes, we need a clarification here and I am guilty - loooong ago -
>>> for that prose.
>>> The idea behind the prose is that a pseudo-element is a special
>>> beast for many reasons :
>>> - first, it's allowed only _once_ and only at the end of the last
>>>    sequence of simple selectors in a selector
>>> - second, you can't use it when an element is required, for instance
>>>    in the Selectors API in a querySelector() call or in an attr()
>>>    functional notation on the right hand-side of a declaration
>>> So the correct prose is probably that one :
>>>    A selector is a chain of one or more sequences of simple selectors
>>>    separated by combinators. A pseudo-element can be appended to the last
>>>    sequence of simple selectors in a selector.
> Fixed.

Essentially the edit means that ]]A pseudo-element can be appended 
…[[ have been moved from the 'simple-selectors' paragraph two 
paragraphs below to the 'selectors' paragraph.

Great! I looked at the full draft and I make good sense of it now. 
I withdraw my other proposals.

Since this all started with when the "*" may be omitted: It would 
be super if 'sequence of simple selectors' and 'pseudo-element' 
was made links in that paragraph as well as well:

  ]]... not the only component of a <a href="#sequence">sequence 
of simple selectors</a> or is immediately followed by a <a 
href="#pseudo-elements">pseudo-element</a> ...[[
leif halvard silli

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