Re: [css3-selectors] add reference for lang selector

Nicolas Krebs wrote:
> Hello, 
> "Selectors Level 3" (aka "CSS Selectors module level 3" in 
> ), 
> W3C Working Draft 10 March 2009, section 6.6.3 "The language pseudo-class :lang", 
> could refer to / could include a reference to 
> RFC 4647 "Matching of Language Tags", September 2006, section 3.3.1 "Basic Filtering", 
> with which ":lang(fr-be)" match "fr" and "fr-be" but not "fr-Latn-be",
> which is how :lang() currently work if I understand correctly.

Hi Nicolas,
Given that Selectors currently doesn't handle '*' as a wildcard in :lang(),
I think it would be more confusing than helpful to include a reference to
RFC4647. Therefore I'd like to leave the spec as-is in this respect.

Please let me know if this is acceptable.


Received on Wednesday, 21 October 2009 01:01:28 UTC