Re: Comment on Selectors LCWD

Krzysztof Maczyński wrote:
> Dear WG,
> I think the disticntion (detailed in chapter 11) between how
> selectors of the form prefix\:NCName are interpreted by
> down-level clients (should rather be called user agents anyway)
> and agents compliant with this spec is unnecessary. Since there
> can be no colon in a prefix or local name, the element type
> selectors (and attribute selectors, by the same way) containing
> a colon (impossible in direct syntax, but achievable e.g. with
> the backslash escape) can work independently of the provisions
> form namespaces described therein. This wouldn't break existing
> content. If broken, it would be so completely, as this
> functionality is the only one available in CSS currently. I see
> no reason for this, so please don't introduce this gratuituous
> incompatibility which doesn't give or enable anything new, only
> takes a feature away.

The intention of this section is to explain the behavior of
selectors in a mixed legacy+updated client environment. It
is not intended to define any features or recommend any
particular authoring practices.

I've marked this section informative, as it should have been.
Please let me know if this adequately addresses your comment.


Received on Wednesday, 21 October 2009 00:11:09 UTC