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Thursday, October 15, 2009 Anne van Kesteren <>:

>Opera does not implement runtimeStyle by the way. We only have currentStyle.

Anne, et al, 

I stand corrected. My assumption that Opera supported that whole enchilada was drawn from Travis's initial question.
My experience with style/currentStyle/runtimeStyle was gleaned, mostly, within the confines of IE-only Intranet work but also in using IE's own scripting engine to modify IE's default behavior as in, for example, Dean Edwards IE7.js script or my own zoomperfect.js (which I hope to finish up and have posted as an open-source tool and proof-of-concept for a smarter, better, and more integrated Text Size and Zoom system, by the end of this year.)
My issues with the lack of a "runtimeStyle" outside of IE have arisen when trying to port sections of code to solve wider and usually more mundane problems not specific to IE alone.
If I had not gone at it from that vantage point, well, I would have long gotten used to less effective tools because, as a matter of cross-browser practicality, those would have been the tools to which I would have had to confine myself. You usually don't miss what you never had.
But that hasn't been my experience, and so I travel here from the land of runtimeStyle in the hope that some sort of an "overrideStyle" is implemented universally.
Have I talked you into it yet? ;)



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> I've often been frustrated that no equivalent to the runtimeStyle object  
> (overrideStyle?) object exists in other browsers besides Opera.

Opera does not implement runtimeStyle by the way. We only have  

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