Re: [css3-selectors] LC Issues #7

Anton Prowse wrote:
> Congratulations on a very solid-looking specification!
> Here are the things that I noticed when reading through the document.
> (Trivial editorial issues are listed separately at the end.)
> ...
> 7.1. The ::first-line pseudo-element
> ( :
>   # In CSS, the ::first-line pseudo-element can only be attached to a
>   # block-level element, an inline-block, a table-caption, or a
>   # table-cell.
> Issue 7a:  This does not really add anything to the
> discussion, and runs the risk of becoming incorrect as other parts of
> the CSS specification change.  It could be removed.  A more general
> statement should be inserted in the introduction to Section 7, stating
> that the applicability of pseudo-elements may be dependent on the nature
> of the subjects of the selector.  (This statement should be inserted
> even if the paragraph is not removed.)

Changed to
   # <p>In CSS, the <code>::first-line</code> pseudo-element can only
   # have an effect when attached to a block-like container such as a
   # block box, inline-block, table-caption, or table-cell.</p>

>   # A UA should act as if the fictional start tags of the ::first-line
>   # pseudo-elements were nested just inside the innermost enclosing
>   # block-level element. (Since CSS1 and CSS2 were silent on this case,
>   # authors should not rely on this behavior.) Here is an example. The
>   # fictional tag sequence for [...]
> Issue 7b:  Should the parenthetical sentence be a note?  It seems out of
> place in normative text.

It's a normative recommendation. I don't really see a good reason to
change it at this point, so I'm going to leave it as-is.

Please let me know if this addresses your comments.


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