Re: [CSS21] Trivial editorial issues with 9.5 (Floats)

On Monday 2009-10-05 18:34 +0200, Anton Prowse wrote:
> Some trivial editorial issues with 9.5 (Floats):[1]

> Issue 2:
>   # However, line boxes created next to the float are shortened to make
>   # room for the margin box of the float. If a shortened line box is too
>   # small to contain any further content, then it is shifted downward
>   # until either it fits or there are no more floats present.
> Delete "further"
> (No prior content is referred to.)

I think the prior content in question is the content before the
float.  If the content before the float doesn't fit, then the float
is instead moved down below the line.

> Issue 3:
>   # Any content in the current line before a floated box is reflowed in
>   # the first available line on the other side of the float.
> When is the first available line anything other than the current line?
> If never, then s/first available/same/

This sentence doesn't make sense to me either way; I'm not sure what
it's trying to say.


> [1]

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