Re: [css3-transitions]

On Sunday 2009-03-29 15:15 +0100, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann wrote:
> 1. It is not obvious to me how to specify the values, the
> transition appears between - ok, the initial value seems
> to be what is called in SMIL/SVG animations the 
> underlying value, how is the 'to-value' specified?

The transition is between two underlying values.  The purpose of the
transitions specification is to cause changes to computed style that
occur for other reasons to transition gradually.  Examples of such
changes include changes to what selectors match an element (e.g.,
when an element begins or ends matching :hover) or changes to an
element's style attribute.

> 2. It is not obvious to me, how the native CSS works to begin
> the transition or is this always triggered from outside of CSS
> or with the onload event of the CSS file?

See above.


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