Re: CSS3 missing selector

On Mar 26, 2009, at 11:27 AM, Dave Smith wrote:

>> What if "::content" was used in conjuction with a non heading element
>> (like p::content)?
> That should be a CSS error, as I can only see heading elements  
> benefitting
> from ::content or ::content-parent (::section). There are no other  
> elements,
> I can think of, that would practically benefit from them.

> Dave

There are other elements which have titles / headings, such as  
tables. I believe there was some discussion about adding them to  
images and possibly even generic blocks in HTML5, but I don't know if  
anything came out of that discussion. Currently, HTML does not  
support combining heading elements and the content they are  
associated with, but I like the idea. Keeping headings / titles /  
figure captions / image labels, etc. together would be useful for  
authors and (I believe) would simplify the job of CSS developers in  
the future.

I'm not sure if the ::content pseudo element should report an error  
or a null (empty) when used on non heading elements, simply because I  
can see that it might be useful to add headings to many different  
element types in the future.


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