Re: CSS implementation status reports (and a first one from Mozilla)

On Thursday 19 March 2009, L. David Baron wrote:
> I think it is good for the progress of the Web if browsers implement
> the same standards, since standards only become useful to Web
> authors once either (a) a significant portion of their users use
> browsers implementing the standard, or (b) nearly all of their users
> do.  (Which of (a) or (b) depends on whether the use of the standard
> is essential to viewing the Web page or an optional enhancement.)
> Therefore, I'm going to suggest that browser implementors start
> sharing regularly lists of what parts of CSS they believe they
> implement and what parts they are likely to work on in the near
> future, so that other browser makers can adjust their plans
> accordingly in order to advance the progress of the Web.

Browsers and many other CSS implementations have been publishing lists 
of what they implement since many years. E.g.:


Agreeing on what to implement in the *next* software versions would 
certainly be useful, but so far, whenever I asked implementers, they 
said they weren't at liberty to discuss that.

Is Mozilla maybe trying to provoke its competitors a bit? :-)

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