Re: Template Layout, implementation, some comments. Was: Re: layout idea

On Friday 20 March 2009, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:

> Here is a screenshot of the Template Layout in action:

That's quick!

The 'border-spacing' of -1px seems a bit of a hack... :-)

Normally, 'position' overrides 'float'. Is that still the case in your 
implementation? Or would 'position: absolute; float: a' cause 
the 'position' to be ignored?

Some of the things you ran into have been improved in the internal draft 
that I maintain. But so far there seemed to be too little interest to 
spent time on publishing a new version. For some reason that has 
suddenly changed...

Next week is a bad week for publishing working drafts (there is a 
publishing moratorium because the W3C communications team is 
unavailable) but I'll try to publish a new WD around a week from now.

B.t.w., the WG discussed the "matrix" idea and its relation to the other 
layout models a bit, but decided that the best way to discuss them 
really was around a whiteboard. The urgency seemed low enough that it 
could wait until the next opportunity, which is early June.

So whatever comes out of these discussions, maybe a merger of the 
various proposals, or a new proposal with the best features of all of 
them in a new syntax, it's unlikely to be written up in a WD before 

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