Re: layout idea

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 12:34 PM, David Hyatt <> wrote:

> I think the model should encourage not specifying display:table-cell cells
> at all.... i.e., objects that specify table-position should commonly just be
> blocks not cells.

Sorry to have to disagree on this point too. It is likely that I will have
an ID or CLASS on the element that I want to be a header or sidebar or
whatever, and then I can use that to not only make it into a table-cell, but
to style it like one too. This means that I can have it's background extend
to the full height of the table, for instance, or have its border shared
with another cell and centered along that edge, while taking advantage of
the sizing qualities of that non-fixed tables allow. All in one rule with
that ID selector. I would almost always want the DIVision I select to become
the cell, with background, border, shadows and all applying to the whole
cell, and not just be stuck in as a block at the top of the cell.

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