Re: layout idea

On Mar 19, 2009, at 9:47 AM, Jonathan Snook wrote:

>> If #a and #b are both 'display:table-cell'
> I think we'd be limiting ourselves by just adding col/row-span and  
> table-position to display:table-cell. Having position: absolute with  
> the ability to position against the grid isn't bad but because it's  
> out of flow, it doesn't provide much flexibility (i'd say little  
> advantage over what we have now). Having items positioned against  
> the grid, able to overlap within the grid, allowing for overflow,  
> while still affecting the flow of the grid, seems like a more  
> powerful system.
> -js

Can you give an example? It seems like position:relative might be able  
to do that for you.

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