Re: Counter-increment is not clear in CSS21 and CSS3

From: "fantasai" <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 5:52 PM
> L. David Baron wrote:
>> On Thursday 2009-03-12 22:21 +0100, François REMY wrote:
>>> But, I just found another problem : The spec isn't clear about how the 
>>> UA must treat 'none' as value for counter-increment. In fact, the prose 
>>> NEVER talk about the effect of 'none'. So, the browser should treat none 
>>> as a non-effect value, if it can't understand it otherly.
>> I agree that the spec should be clarified here.
>> I think IE8's behavior (not accepting 'none') is incorrect.  But I
>> also think Gecko's behavior (it rejects 'none 1' but accepts 'foo 1
>> none 1') is incorrect.
>> I think we probably want to say that either:
>>  (1) 'none' is a valid value on its own, but any value containing
>>  'none' as a counter name is invalid, or
>>  (2) 'none' as a value on its own means that no counters are
>>  incremented/reset, but use of 'none' in any other values implies
>>  that there is a valid counter named 'none'.
>> Note that the same issue is present with 'inherit' and (in css3)
>> 'initial'.
> The CSSWG has accepted option 1. 'inherit' and 'initial' will be
> handled the same way.

Okay, it's not a breaking change from the spec, then.
But whatever is the decision, the prose should be updated.

> ~fantasai

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