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With regards to the second idea about CSS font anti-aliasing:
IMHO, the font anti-aliasing should be controlled by font scaling and
end-user preferences, as is the case right now, and I would prefer to
keep it that way. I don't like the idea that someone else should decide
for me whether the text I like to see should be rendered as anti-aliased
grayscale or subpixel rendered (a.k.a. ClearType) or monochrome bitmap.
Don't forget that all display screens are different, either in
resolution or display technology or quality. What looks good on one
device may not look the same on another.


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	Since we're already font-challenged on the web, wouldn't it be
great if
	we could specify an alternate ruleset if a particular font
wasn't available?
	For instance:
	body {
	     font: 28px normal georgia, 26px bold times new roman;
	In this case we'd be specifying georgia at 28px, but if the user
	have that font, instead we'd go with times new roman but in BOLD
at 26px.
	While we're at about CSS font anti-aliasing?  Instead
of allowing
	silly little programs like Internet Explorer anti-alias ALL
fonts on our pages
	(even little itty bitty ones), shouldn't WE, the DEVELOPERS be
the ones
	specifying which fonts to anti-alias?  I appreciate a good fuzzy
edge on
	my headings, it just doesn't make sense in other places.
	Thanks for listenin, y'all.
	- Aaron
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