Re: layout idea

On Mar 13, 2009, at 3:54 PM, Jonathan Snook wrote:

> I've spent a little time over the past week working on an idea. I
> don't know if it's viable or not or whether something like it has
> already been proposed (besides Advanced Layout and the Grid module).
> But it never hurts to pitch my own stone into the pond.
> Matrix Layouts:
> Along with the accompanying blog post:
> Good or bad, I look forward to some feedback.
> -Jonathan Snook

I like the idea of a grid/matrix layout, and I certainly prefer what  
you've specified (as well as the grid proposal from Microsoft) to the  
ASCII art approach in CSS advanced layout.

I'd rather just see a position:grid value and then use some kind of  
grid unit in conjunction with left/right/top/bottom.  I think that  
could achieve the same effect and feels more natural to me than the  
two pairs of numbers crammed into the position property.

For example:

left: 1gr;
top: 1gr;

To put the object's top left corner at the top left corner of row 2  
column 2 (assuming 0-based row/column access).

Stretching across the whole first row would be as easy as:


Width and height could be specified in grid units as well (there would  
be a fair bit to work out though regarding how the overall row/column  
widths/heights got determined).


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