Counter-increment is not clear in CSS21 and CSS3 (was: Re: Bug in IE8?)


By analysing the provided result of the Dev Toolbar and doing some tests, 
I finally found that 'none' is not an accepted value for counter-increment in 
IE8 (just like red is not a good value for border-width). So, the rule is ignored. 
It's a bug, since the spec defines 'none' as acceptable value for counter-increment. 

It seems to me that it's a bug in IE8 RC1. Maybe you should post it in the IE's 
FeedBack Center.

But, I just found another problem : The spec isn't clear about how the UA must 
treat 'none' as value for counter-increment. In fact, the prose NEVER talk about 
the effect of 'none'. So, the browser should treat none as a non-effect value, if it 
can't understand it otherly.

But, the problem is that 'none' can be a valid indetifier. So, if it's a valid identifier, 
'none' MUST be understand as 'none 1', and 'none 1' is defined in the spec, and 
should be threated as any other counter.

I tested some browsers with this :

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" ""[]>
<html xmlns="">
        <title>CSS Test: Counter-increment with the value 'none'</title>
        <link rel="help" href="" />
        <meta name="flags" content="" />
        <meta name="assert" content="The counter-increment set to 'none' ==> Which result ?." />
    <style type="text/css">
#tc_1:before { font-size:30px; content:counter(ident);  }
#tc_2:before { font-size:30px; content:counter(ident);  }
#tc_3:before { font-size:30px; content:counter(ident);  }
#tc_4:before { font-size:30px; content:counter(none);  }
        <p>Test passes if the numbers '5 5 10 10' or '5 5 10 11' appear below in the same order.</p>
        <div id="tc_1" style="counter-increment:ident 5; " ></div>
        <div id="tc_2" style="counter-increment:ident 5; counter-increment:none; "></div>
        <div id="tc_3" style="counter-increment:ident 5; " ></div>
        <div id="tc_4" style="counter-increment:none 10;"></div>

It seems that Opera handle it by showing 5 5 10 10. (it's logical, but it's not what the spec says)
Safari & FireFox are showing 5 5 10 0. (it's bugged because 'none 10' is clearly a valid counter)
IE shows 5 10 15 0. (it's bugged too, because IE considers the rules as invalid, and it's not what the spec ask to do)

But, if we follow the spec, we should get 5 5 10 11. 

            ident        none
tc1 =>   5            0
tc2 =>   5            1
tc3 =>   10          1
tc4 =>   10           11

Shouldn't be good to rewrite the prose?

We have three way to clarify the situation.

1/ The exception for just 'none' (Opera's behaviour)

    If its computed value is exactly "none", the counter-increment property is valid but has no effect.
    NOTE : 'none' can be a valid name of a counter. If the value of counter-increment is not exactly none, the UA should consider none a a valid identifier.

Then we get 5 5 10 10, which is the way Opera does the thing.

2/ None as invalid identifier (IE's behaviour)

    Note that 'none' is a invalid identifier. 
    NOTE :  Any rule that use 'none' as identifier must thus be considerated as invalid

3/ None as valid value, but as invalid identifier (FireFox & Safari)
    If its computed value is exactly "none", the counter-increment property is valid but has no effect.
    If a rule contains 'none' as identifier, it should be considerated as invalid, and thus ignored by the UA.


From: Robert Stam 
Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2009 8:37 PM
Cc: Arron Eicholz 
Subject: Bug in IE8?



Find attached a XHTML file (which is created with use from the IE8 RC1 file from chapter_12\properties\counter-increment\counter-increment-053.htm) however 

Some of the CSS is not specified in the style tag, but in the style element, notice the double 'counter-increment' in div with id tc_2.


All - except IE8 RC1 - major browsers (FireFox 3.0.7, Opera 9.64, Chome, Safari 3.2.1) are displaying the text as expected,

however what should be displayed regarding the spec?


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Robert Stam




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