Re: [CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions Tokyo F2F Thurs: Page Breaking, GCPM, Image-Resolution, Multicol

On Mon, Mar 9, 2009 at 11:30 PM, MURAKAMI Shinyu <>wrote:

> fantasai <> wrote on 2009/03/09 18:44:40
> > Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> > >
> > > This is unfortunate; it means you can no longer add column styles to
> the
> > > <div> in markup like this
> > > <div>
> > >   <p>...
> > >   <p>...
> > >   <p>...
> > > </div>
> > > and have it look good in browsers that support columns and browsers
> that
> > > don't :-(. That's the very reason I implemented margin collapsing
> across
> > > the column set boundary in the first place.
> We can add column styles as:
> div {
>  column-count: 2;
>  margin-top: 1.12em;
>  margin-bottom: 1.12em;
> }
> and the margin-top of the first p and the margin-bottom of the last p
> inside the multi-column will be discarded(*). The result will be same as
> if the collapsing is done. UAs that don't support multi-column will
> treat the div as normal block and no problem also.
> (*) The wording in the current spec seems not very clear:
> "Also, margins will be set to zero around column breaks, just like for
> page breaks."
> I think "around column breaks" includes beginning and end of the
> multi-column element, and not just like for page the margin-top should
> be discarded even though forcing breaks.

That works if you know what the column contents' margin-top and
margin-bottom are going to be. In this case you have to guess that the UA
sheet has about 1em top and bottom margins for <p> (or set margins on <p>
manually). More complicated situations would be difficult or impossible to
handle. But I guess this might be OK in practice. We can wait and see.

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