Re: Another question about anonymous table objects

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> I assume the intent is to give the rendering the browsers actually have, 
> right?  If so, the spec text needs to change accordingly...

On the other hand, maybe that's not the intent.  Especially because 
given something like:

<!DOCTYPE html>
   <div style="display: table-row"></div>
   <div style="display: table-row"></div>

It seems like the desired rendering is two tables (one around each row), 
with a block between the two tables...  If one wraps a table or rowgroup 
around this in the markup, you get three rows in a single table.  But if 
one wraps a table around two cells and a block you also get three rows 
(per spec as currently written), not three cells in one row.

I'm fine with either behavior, by the way; it's just that browsers don't 
match the spec here.


Received on Monday, 9 March 2009 02:26:25 UTC