RE: setting css property to empty string from script

Thanks for all input! 

Daniel Glazman wrote on 6 mars 2009 18:56:
> Please note that the Web heavily relies on this behaviour. Call it
> a 'de facto' standard :-)

Very much agreed! We were discussing it earlier today and I realized 
I hadn't looked for it in the specs before...

Giovanni Campagna wrote on 6 mars 2009 18:59:
> It also looks like that, according to future versions of CSSOM:
> - If value is null or the empty string invoke removeProperty with
> property as argument and abort this algorithm.

Ah thanks, that makes sense. There's always another spec ;-)
I'm happy it is becoming officially speced.

Best regards

> Mike Wilson wrote on 6 mars 2009 17:51:
> > When you have overrided the value of an element's CSS attribute
> > through script, then you can reset the attribute back to the 
> > value governed by style declarations by assigning the empty 
> > string.
> > <snip>
> > Is this behaviour specified by any standard, or is it just a
> > convention implemented by UAs? (I don't find it but maybe I am
> > not looking in the right places.)

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