Re: [css-transforms] SVG WG Review of CSS Transform Proposal

On 04/03/2009, at 10:30 AM, Dean Jackson wrote:

>> Finally, the CSS list syntax states that "If a function takes more  
>> than one argument, the arguments are separated by a comma (,)  
>> with optional whitespace before and after the comma."  The SVG  
>> specification allows as a list-delimiter token a non-zero-length  
>> string consisting of an optional comma and any number of whitespace  
>> characters, (\s+|\s*,\s*) in perl regex syntax.  The SVG WG intends  
>> to allow this as a general rule in any SVG attributes, to make  
>> authoring and implementing easier and more consistent.  We would  
>> like for CSS Transforms to allow this as well.
> Sure, agreed.

Actually, on this point I'll have to defer to the CSS WG. I'm not sure  
how relaxing the existing CSS syntax makes things easier and more  
consistent, but you can take that up with them :)

For now, transform functions and cubic-bezier require commas.


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