Re: [css3-fonts] font descriptor default values

Hi Thomas,

> If the notion of "family" is platform-defined means that CSS font
> definitions based on family+style are inherently not cross-platform
> for any family more sophisticated than four members, and trying to
> deal with such families is likely to lead to frustration. Only because
> the available/usable fonts have been so restricted has it not surfaced
> as a "real" issue.
> Because of this, my conclusion has always been that CSS was
> fundamentally broken as far as font selection is concerned.

Could you describe in more detail what you mean here?  Is it the
platform-specific nature of font family names that concerns you?  Or the
lack of font properties to sufficiently delineate full font families? 
It would be helpful to hear solutions you think might solve this
"fundamentally broken" model.


John Daggett
Mozilla Japan

Received on Wednesday, 4 March 2009 00:57:55 UTC