RE: Proposal for page main area (kihonhanmen in Japanese layout)

Murakami-san said:
> @page {
>     size: B5;        /* the trim size */
>     margin: auto;    /* kihonhanmen (= page area) position relative 
>                         to the trim size (page box).
>                         I'd like to center it using margin: auto */ }

@page {margin: auto} behavior is currently unspecified by 2.1 (or css3, for that matter).

Browser behaviors (Win Vista where applicable):
	IE8 rc1: 	equivalent to @page {margin: 0}
	FF 3.0.7: 	no support for @page margins
	Opera 9.6.3: uses user defaults
	Chrome:	no support for @page margins
	Prince: 	equivalent to @page {margin: 0}
	HP		equivalent to @page {margin: 0}
	Epson		apparently uses UA defaults

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Melinda S. Grant
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Received on Tuesday, 3 March 2009 23:06:08 UTC