[CSS21] rules="all" attribute specification and border-collapse property

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The CSS 2.1 specification, section 17.6 (and its sub-sections) should
*_clarify explicitly_* the relationship between rules="all" and
border-collapse property. I have been trying to convince IE team to
implement in their IE 8 browser this browser default rule:

table[rules]:not([rules="all"]) {border-collapse: collapse;}

rules="all" should apply to both border-collapse models and rules="all"
should not trigger one particular border-collapse model.

It is my belief that rules="all", without any specified border-collapse
CSS declaration (by default, tables use the separate border-collapse
model), should render border rules around (each) cells and this is what IE
8 fails to do and this is precisely what IE team declines to implement.

One thing IE team replied - and I fully agree with them on this point - is
that the current CSS 2.1 specification is not clear enough, not explicit
enough on the relation between HTML 4.01 rules="all" attribute
specification and border-collapse model.

Relevant bug reports and links:

Bug report at connect IE beta feedback:


Bug report at Mozilla:


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Gérard Talbot
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Received on Thursday, 30 April 2009 22:45:52 UTC