Re: [css3-layout] Issues/suggestions for Template Layout Module

Here's a simple demo with two possible renderings. The first one [1]
is currently what the jQuery implementation does, because I was
thinking of the slot itself being equivalent to its only child
element. However, when thinking of the slot as a container, I suppose
the rendering should actually be [2].

So should the following template be rendered as [1], [2], or something else?

Come to think of it, unless the contained elements were to have a
height of 100%, the background shouldn't fill the slot, should it? But
it does fill it in Example XX [3]. Again, the relationship between
imagined slot container and child element seems a bit fuzzy to me.





	<div id="a">a</div>
	<div id="b">b</div>
	<div id="c">c</div>
	<div id="d">d</div>


body {
	display: " a b " / 100px
			 " c d " / 100px
		   100px 100px

#a {
	position: a;
	margin: 10px;
	border: 10px dotted #533;
	padding: 10px;
	background: #A33;

#b {
	position: b;
	background: #33B;

#c {
	position: c;
	background: #3C3;

#d {
	position: d;
	background: #DD3;

Received on Wednesday, 29 April 2009 14:34:31 UTC