Re: WordStar like conditional page brake (.cp command)

Biju wrote:
> Long time ago I used WordStar. One of its great feature which dont
> have a simple substitute in modern word processors is its ".cp"
> command, ie the conditional page brake command.
> How it works.
> if you specify ".cp 10" before a paragraph, then a page break will be
> inserted immediately if there is only less than  (or <= I forgot
> exact) 10 lines remaining on that page.
> That way we can make sure a 100 lines paragraph which may stretch more
> than a page wont start at the bottom of a page.
> Or ensure heading goes with the following body (MS-Word have work
> around using keep-with-next property).
> Do we have any existing CSS property or a combination which can do this?
> Or else I am proposing a new property "break-before-if"
> Example
> break-before-if: 150px;
> /* breaks page/column if remaining space in the page/column in less
> than 150px */

What if to allow page-break-before to accept percentage values?

So if for example you have

h1 { page-break-before:75% }

then if h1 element is happened to appear in last 3/4 of the page
it will go on the next page.

I think that percentages are somehow better than length units -
you will not be tied with particular paper size.

> Thanks
> Biju

Andrew Fedoniouk.

Received on Wednesday, 15 April 2009 05:39:01 UTC