Re: [css21][css3-selectors] case-insensitive attribute values

fantasai wrote:
> I thought case-insensitivity of attributes was a language-wide feature
> of HTML.

Of attribute names, yes.

Of attribute values, not at all.  See

Anne is talking about the latter.  Specifically, given [foo="bar"], how 
should the "bar" part be treated?

 > Why are we using magic lists?

Because some attributes in HTML4 have case-sensitive values, and some 
have case-insensitive ones.  @id falls into the former bucket, while 
@face on <font> falls into the latter.

You can see Gecko's magic list at

> (Also making attribute-matching
> of HTML attributes case-sensitive would violate the Selectors spec.)

How, exactly?  The relevant part of Selectors says this:

   The case-sensitivity of attribute names and values in selectors
   depends on the document language.

on the matter.


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