RE: [css3-multicol] page-break-inside and columns

Philip said:
> Incidentally, all of the preceding is in the context of 
> "avoid-inside", not in the context of "avoid-between", which 
> is an entirely different kettle of fish.  I do wonder if 
> whether this contextual difference lies at the heart of this 
> disagreement : are some (yourself, Fantasai) thinking 
> primarily in terms of "avoid-between", whereas I am thinking 
> primarily in terms of "avoid-inside" ?

We want to be thinking about both.  We want to envision what controls are and will be needed for breaking content into display chunks.  Excellent breaking is not trivial, and we can't expect to just leap there in one product/spec generation; but we do want to have some idea of how this will evolve over time.

So we want not only to have an answer as to how authors can force and avoid column and page breaks in the simplest fashion, but also to think about 'page turns', conditional breaks which depend on the content's placement within the target container (perhaps via a percentage value as Andrew Fedoniouk has suggested), whether or not we need 'weighting' schemes between controls, whether avoiding breaks should extend to some layout transformations, etc.  We're certainly not ready to take on any of that more sophisticated stuff for css3, but thinking more broadly can help us define things along lines that can prevent painting ourselves into a proverbial corner when it comes to future needs.

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