[css3-animations][css3-values] animation-duration


this comment is about 

It is noted for the animation-duration
"Value:  <time> [, <time>]*
Initial:  0"
"By default the value is ‘0’"

But the module about 'Values and Units'
notes about times (if this is applicable here):

"Time values (denoted by <time> in the text) are used 
with aural cascading style sheets. 

Their format is a <number> immediately followed by a 
time unit identifier. 

Time unit identifiers are: 
ms: milliseconds 
s: seconds"

Apart from the problem with the aural style sheet,
<time> seems to require a time unit identifier.
It is not noted as for lengths, that the unit identifier
for the value '0' can be skipped. Obviously
'0'='0s'='0ms', therefore either this should be 
noted in the 'Values and Units' module consistently
or the animation draft should not use 0 without
unit identifier to avoid confusion.
Additionally it could be useful for animations, to
introduce other units like minutes (and 
maybe hours).

I think, it would be useful to update the 
'Values and Units' together with the next draft
for the animation and transition modules due
to some new requirements resulting from these
new modules anyway as already discussed 
for the transform modules.

The same applies correspondigly for animation-delay 
and transition-duration and transition-delay 
(of the related transition module) ...


Received on Saturday, 4 April 2009 14:10:05 UTC