Re: [css3-multicol] page-break-inside and columns

Grant, Melinda wrote:
> Philip said:
>> Well, trying to come up with a "use case" for the opposite 
>> scenario (both page /and/ column breaks to be avoided), then 
>> the best I can manage is the following :
>> <div>
>>      <div>
>> 	<h2>The infamous "line"</h2>
>> 	<p>Would that I had not forgotten to bring my
>> 		French book at the appropriate time ...
>> 	</p> (x 10)
>>      </div>
>> </div>
>> Now what I would /like/ to specify is that the <H2> and at 
>> least two lines of the opening para. must occur on the same 
>> page, and that the first two lines of the para.
>> must not be split across column boundaries, 
> How about:
>  h2	{ page-break-after: avoid;}
>  h2 + p { orphans: 2;}
> That should keep the h2 and the p on the same page, and would ensure at least two lines of the p would appear before either a page or column break, right?
> Wrt the use case for avoiding both page and column breaks, there are many:
> 	o don't break after a heading
> 	o don't break between an image and its annotation
> 	o avoid breaking inside a table
> 	o etc...
> Best wishes,
> Melinda

Just in case, while experimenting with page-break-before/after
I've implemented support of percentage value for these attributes.

So if to define:

h2 { page-break-before: 70%; }

then page-break will be inserted before the header if top position
of the h2 element is between 70% and 100% of page height.
That means h2 elements will not be placed at the end (bottom) of the page.

I am not sure if this is useful in context of the discussion thus sorry 
in advance.

Andrew Fedoniouk.

Received on Friday, 3 April 2009 05:57:16 UTC