[CSSWG] Resolutions August F2F: CSS3 Etc.

CSS3 Fonts

   Filed ISSUE-61 against CSS3 Fonts
   John Daggett presented an overview of CSS3 Fonts including a discussion of
     - interpretation of mixed nested 'bolder' and 'lighter' keywords
     - history of font formats used on the Web
     - font-size-adjust
     - extending font-variant
     - security issues with downloadable fonts


   Discussed structure of GCPM and relationship to other drafts
   Discussed 'border-length' feature and moving it to Backgrounds and Borders
   Discussed 'text-replacement'. Several members strongly feel it does not
     belong in CSS but rather as part of a transformation language that uses
     CSS syntax.
   Discussed bookmark feature. Several members skeptical that this belongs in
     CSS as it's conveying semantic information.
   Discussed extensions to 'float'.

Vertical Text

   RESOLVED: Split out vertical text feature into its own draft. Microsoft
             plans to work on it as they have an implementation.
   Discussed terminology for describing vertical text layout model.
   RESOLVED: Rename 'block-progression' to 'block-flow'.
   RESOLVED: Use terms 'logical width' and 'logical height' to refer to dimensions
             in the inline dimension and block flow dimension respectively.
   RESOLVED: Use terms "vertical text mode" and "horizontal text mode" to
             differentiate horizontal and vertical block flows.

Backgrounds and Borders

   RESOLVED: No keywords in calc() for background-position
   RESOLVED: Accept 4-value syntax for background-position in editor's draft:
             4 values that require two keywords, allow zero values to be skipped.
   RESOLVED: Proposal to add 'transparent' keyword to 'border-image' rejected.
   RESOLVED: No change to names of 'background-clip' and 'background-origin'
   RESOLVED: Publish new Working Draft of CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders, take this
             set of functionality to CR.

CSS Variables

   Daniel presented some changes to the CSS Variables proposal and Hyatt's
     experimental implementation.
   Several people felt that parse-time macros would be preferable, and would
     indeed be required for multi-declaration substitution.


   Mentioned styling of video controls, skipped topic for lack of proposal or
     implementor interest.
   Very long discussion of <br> and how it behaves in the CSS formatting model.
   Discussed browseable test harness
   Discussed (briefly) Template Layout module
   Reviewed charter with Philippe Le Hégaret

Full minutes:
     CSS 2.1 Issue 52 and Definition of BR
     Definition of BR (continued)
     Test Harness
     GCPM: border-length
     GCPM: Text Replacement
     GCPM: Bookmarks
     Extensions to the float property
     Vertical text and CSS3 Text Layout
     Vertical Layout Terminology
     CSS3 Fonts
     CSS3 Fonts: Extending font-variant
     Agenda (video controls)
     Block Flow
     CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
     Template Layout
     CSS Variables

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