[CSS 21] overflow:hidden adjacent to a float

What is the expected rendering?

A float contains: an overflow:hidden-block with a left margin adjacent
to a float:left-block

Browsers are rendering this differently, and they seem to move in
different directions, see composite screenshot

Paragraph 5 in CSS 2.1: 9.5 was changed: the 'border box' of this
block formatting context must not overlap any floats (was: 'margin
box'). And UA's may make the box  narrower. "CSS2 does not define when
a UA may put said element next to the float or by how much said
element may become narrower."

The UA's rendering differs to that extent that I cannot place an
overflow-box adjacent to a float. Please consider defining the
rendering of a block-formatting context next to a float. An undefined
narrowing is not useful. Making the overflow-hidden box narrower so it
clips its own content even if there is no width set seems
counterintuitive to me.


Ingo Chao

Received on Monday, 19 May 2008 22:25:34 UTC