Re: [CSS2.1] syntax: url() and unexpected end of (line / style sheet)

----- "Christof Hoeke" <> wrote:
> the question remains *why* URI is a token and why the definition for 
> FUNCTION is not used instead, it would actually simplify the tokenizer
> as well.

Yeah, I would like to know that myself - but even if it remains
a token, it could be changed to use the same completion rules as

> I always explained it to myself that if an URI is cut off it may be 
> totally different than the value meant and so better be removed 
> altogether (contrived examply: e.g. "url(some.gif.jpg)" could be cut 
> e.g. "url(some.gif" and if the completion rule of FUNCTION would be
> used would end up "url(some.gif)"...)

This argument can be applied to *all* constructs not
properly closed at EOF.  E.g. rgb(12,12,12<EOF> maybe should have been
rgb(12,12,129) which is a very different color.


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