CSS Module Priority

As many of you may know, the CSS working group is in the process of defining its charter for the next few years. At the last face-to-face meeting, it was decided to prioritize the work of the group for the next charter period.

In order to define the priority of work, the group decided to use the following metrics:
1) the module in question must have an advocate. i.e.: someone who will participate with the group and drive progress on the module.
2) there must be at least two implementers expressing interest in implementing the module. Given that our recommendation track criteria specifies that at least two interoperable implementations must exist in order for a recommendation to advance, it doesn't make sense for the group to focus on issues that no one is going to implement.

Members of the group stepped forward as advocates for most of the modules. Also, the chairs of the group solicited feedback from implementers within the group regarding their interest in implementing the various modules.  (Implementation interest data was collected confidentially and will not be disclosed except in anonymous, aggregate form as agreed by the implementers.)

Following is the prioritized list of modules given current advocates and level of interest from implementers.

The levels are defined as:
High: At least two implementers have expressed very strong interest.
Medium: At least two implementers have expressed medium or better interest.
Low: At least two implementers have expressed low or better interest.

There is no particular order within each priority group.

High Priority
                CSS 2.1
                Selectors Level 3
                CSS Mobile Profile 2.0
                CSS Paged Media Level 3
                CSS Text Level 3
                CSS Text Layout Level 3
                CSS Ruby
                CSS Generated Content for Paged Media
                CSS Backgrounds and Borders Level 3
                CSS Fonts Level 3
                CSS Multi-column Layout
                CSS Template Layout
                CSS Color Level 3
                CSS Tables Level 3
                CSS Variables (proposal Apple/Disruptive Innovations)

Medium Priority
                CSS Snapshot 2007
                CSS Namespaces
                CSS Values and Units Level 3
                CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 3
                CSS Basic Box Model Level 3
                Media Queries
                CSS Basic User Interface
                CSS Grid Positioning
                CSS Object Model View Module
                CSS Extended Box Model Level 3
                CSS Object Model Level 3
                CSS Syntax Level 3
                CSS Lists Level 3
                CSS Web Fonts Level 3
                CSS Generated and Replaced Content Level 3
                CSS Line Layout Level 3
                CSS Math
                Behavioral Extensions to CSS
                CSS Animations (proposal Apple)
                CSS Transitions (proposal Apple)
                CSS Transformations (proposal Apple)
                CSS Flexible Box

Low Priority
                CSS Scoping
                CSS Hyperlink Presentation Level 3

The following modules do not currently have an advocate and are at risk of being shelved by the CSS working group during this charter period unless an advocate steps forward:

Medium Priority
                CSS Positioning Level 3
                CSS Presentation Levels

Low Priority
                CSS Aural Style Sheets Level 3
                CSS Marquee Level 3
                CSS Speech Level 3
                CSS Reader Media Type
                CSS Style Attribute Syntax Level 3
                CSS TV Profile 1.0

The group would like to solicit feedback on this list as well as make a public call for advocates and implementers having interest in the various at-risk modules. In order for the priority of any module to change, we need module advocates and/or more interest from implementers.

Anyone wishing to be an advocate for a module must understand the commitment requirements of driving a specification forward. The chairs of the group are willing to consider giving invited expert status to module advocates who are not currently group members so that they can participate in the group.

Anyone having a strong interest in implementing any of the low priority or at-risk modules may submit their interest in confidence to the group chairs.

Peter Linss <peter.linss@hp.com>
Daniel Glazman <daniel.glazman@disruptive-innovations.com>
CSS WG co-chairs

Received on Tuesday, 6 May 2008 19:04:13 UTC