Re: CSS WG - Pulling Back the Curtains

Garrett Smith wrote:
 > Alan Gresley wrote:
>> Here is a few extracts from Fantaisai' blog, "Pulling Back the Curtain: Opening up the CSS Working Group":
> ...
> The CSS WG has so many problems on so many levels, technically,
> process-wise, and the whole pay-to-play leading to corruption.

The topic of this mailing list is TECHNICAL discussion of style sheets.
This thread is very off-topic. If you have technical comments, as dbaron
said, please post them in a new thread. Otherwise, find another forum for
your comments. You can post a link to that forum here, but I do not want
to be discussing process issues on this mailing list. If you want to
complain about the CSSWG, please go post on Andy Clarke's blog, not here.

I do not want to see any further posts in this thread. I fully intend
to ignore anything else that gets posted in this thread.

I second all of David Baron's comments, and again, if you have technical
comments, start a new thread per issue and give it an appropriate
subject line.



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