RE: CSS2.1 9.4.1 Block formatting context (was CSS WG - Pulling Back the Curtains)

L. David Baron wrote:

> On Friday 2008-03-28 03:54 -0700, Alan Gresley wrote:
> > Seeing that I didn't get one challenge from my latest list
> > message. I am either correct or what I said was totally
> > irrelevant. But having no indication either way I can not be in
> > any possition to know.
> Are you referring to
> ?
> It's much better to include a URL to things you cite (spending the
> minute or so of work to find them yourself) rather than making every
> reader of your message do that work (costing potentially hours of
> total time, although probably most people just won't bother to
> figure out what you're talking about and will just skip the message).

Yes I agree but I did link to this last week originally.

> If that's what you're referring to -- I find the message unclear
> since it jumps from topic to topic without saying how they're
> related.

Only related in my frustration. Many other things which I had in draft form I just gave up on writing. So you could say that many thing disconnected came out in the same email like my off-list messages from Boris.

> (A
> number of the message simply point to tests and assume that it's
> obvious to the reader what the test is testing, which generally
> takes at least a few minutes to figure out.[...]
> -David
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Would you like to go through one test case at a time. It just hard sometimes since I have to point to many specs sometimes just concerning one test case. The major spec in question is this.

9.4.1 Block formatting contexts

If your interested I can go through all my old draft messages and construct a logical message with my concerns (unless not obvious in the more recent messages concerning this spec).


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